An appeal from The Supporters Trust – players away travel

A rallying cry!

With the postponement of Saturdays game against Gainsborough Trinity, there will not be another home game until the 9th February.

The Supporters Trust rely on home games for fundraising through programme sales, raffle, cash draw and the club shop. Therefore without home games, money is going out, but money is not coming in.
The annual draw has also been delayed which is another important fundraiser and sponsor a goal money is due but can’t be collected.

The Supporters Trust has historically supplied the players with coach travel to away games over a certain distance. In the next two weeks there are away games at Boston and Altrincham.

The Trust is very stretched to meet the cost of these two coaches due to the absence of income at home games and the unavoidable delay of crucial fundraisers.
However if the players do not have coach travel to these games it is really going to effect their performances and morale.

It is only under exceptional circumstances that I would consider such an appeal as I know we are all under pressure at this time of year.
But, if there is any spare change rattling around in your pockets please could you consider donating as a one off to the trust so we can keep our commitment to the players.

If we had played Guiseley before Christmas, Halifax on the 5th and Gainsborough last week I would not even be asking, but the time has come where I need to put my hand up and say “we need your help”.

You can donate by PayPal, by BACs or by cheque. Details are as follows:


Gloucester City Suppoters Ltd.
S/c: 72-00-03
Acc number: 89485489

Made payable to “Gloucester City Supporters Ltd”
Address: Mr T King, 27 Buckholt Way, Brockworth, Gloucestershire, GL3 4RH

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider helping.

Lee Mills
Gloucester City AFC Supporters Trust