Trust Statement After Club Executive Meeting

Gloucester City Supporters Trust Statement following Executive Meeting of Gloucester City Football Club on 27th February 2013.

Following the meeting of the executive committee on Wednesday, Gloucester City Supporters Trust is pleased to have received a number of assurances from the owners of Gloucester City Football Club.

The owners commitment to building a stadium for use by the club has been reaffirmed and The Trust is pleased that there has been an agreement to consult and involve The Trust in it’s design and layout during the planning stages. The owners of the club recognised that there should be a more direct line of communication between those involved in formulating the plans and The Trust. Board members of The Trust will be in regular dialogue with the owners and may take the opportunity to attend meetings that concern plans for a new stadium where possible. We were satisfied with the direction of the owners plans in relation to bringing the club back to playing in the city of Gloucester as soon as possible and how it intends to deliver those plans.

Gloucester City Supporters Trust recognise the significant amount of money put into the club by its owners over the past 16 years. The Trust will continue to support the owners so long as communication is maintained and it’s views are taken on board.

We now call upon Gloucester City Council and local politicians to deliver on its promises to help the club get back to the city and work with the football club and the owners to achieve this. A successful football club can bring communities together and inspire a generation of sports fans in Gloucester. We also urge supporters to continue to support the club on the pitch as we look to finish the 2012/13 season in our highest league position since joing The Blue Square North.

Lee Mills
Gloucester City Supporters Trust