Trust board members meet with club to seek assurances

Yesterday evening (19th June), Chairman of Gloucester City Supporters Trust Lee Mills and Vice Chairman Matt Bowman, met with the executive commitee of Gloucester City Football Club in light of the recent news that a potential investor in the football club had withdrawn their interest.

Following the meeting Mills was positive that the club would be playing at their current level in the forthcoming season; “the budget was thoroughly looked at and myself and Matt are happy that come August we will be in a position to fufil our first fixture with a team that will compete in The Conference North which is the first and most pressing concern for all supporters. It is disapointing that an individual has decided for their own reasons not to invest as it would have given the club and it’s supporters a massive boost. We looked at all aspects of the club and where savings could be made or additional revenue gaines and there was approval from everyone around the table on the way forward”

The supporters trust recently passed the milestone of raising half a million pounds, but Mills was keen to stress that the club cannot rely on supporters to find the potential shortfall of money in the coming season. “Last season the trust contributed directly and indirectly to the tune of over £23,000 to the football club” Mills continued, “we have said to the executive commitee that we hope to contribute a similar figure this season, hopefully more, but we will not be going cap in hand to our members. Any additional contributions would be welcome but must be voluntarily given. The current debt isn’t huge and the owners of the club, who to their credit, have said he will write that debt off, should do so as quickly possible without further conditions being placed on those who wish to contribute to the future of the football club”

The club currently find themselves without a home ground after 6 years and Mills is keen to stress that the owners of the club need to deliver on their promises quickly to resolve this situation. “The owners of the football have had the opportunity to bring us home for 6 years but from the information I know we are closer than ever to having permission granted for a new ground. It is vital to the survival of the club that this situation is resolved quickly and I would like to be here in two months time with a clear direction home. If there isn’t we may have cause to review our position.”

The executive commitee of the football and the supporters trust work closely together and this relationship will continue as Mills was keen to point out; “we have a good line of communication with those running the football club and we have no problem whatsoever with how the current situation is being handled and I personally thank Nigel Hughes for his hard work and our consultant Colin Peake on his advice and willingness to try and bring this all together. We talk regularly and I know I can pick the phone at any time and speak with them.”

Finally Mills called on fans to continue to support the team despite the recent financial troubles. “Nobody is happy with the situation we currently find ourselves in financially, but we are all football fans because we like to watch good football. Boris has put together a fantasitc squad that can make a real impact this year and we all need to get behind those lads when the season kicks off”.

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