Trust Chairman reacts to the sacking of David Mehew

Gloucester City Supporters Trust Chairman Lee Mills has reacted with surprise to the decision of the football club to part ways with long standing manager, David (Boris) Mehew.

“I had no idea the decision was even on the cards and despite being a member of the club’s management board, I had not been consulted at any stage prior to Dave’s dismissal. That is particularly disappointing as the management board was set up to run the footballing affairs of the club on behalf of the owners . The first I heard about the decision was via twitter.”

Mills is mindful that given he is not a legal director or major shareholder of the football club, decisions such as this can be made without his involvement.

“I personally would not have wanted Boris to leave, but I understand that at the end of the day, the owners of the football club can have the final say and by-pass the management board if they see fit. But as a major sponsor of the football club, aiming to donate £25,000 over 12 months, we do expect a certain amount of respect from those at the very top. Our members run many aspects of match day operations and from speaking to them, they are hurting after this.”

Conversations have taken place between Mills and club chairman Stuart Pike since the news broke and he understands that Pike has been put in a difficult position.

“I get on superbly with Stuart, he is a genuinely fantastic bloke. This would have been a tough call for him and I know that his broad shoulders will deal with the dissent which may come his way. At the end of the season we might be able to say it was the correct decision, there are a lot of games to play and a lot of points up for grabs. I have no problem with Stuart and we will talk further this week.”

Mills has also spoken to the outgoing Mehew and admits it was an emotional conversation.

“I could tell Boris was in shock, but he knows football is a results based business and sentimentality can sometimes take a back seat. He has admitted to me that he has been torn recently with his son’s footballing career taking off and this may be a blessing in disguise. As a Bristol Rovers supporter as well I have been proud to work with Dave for the past 18 months, he was a guest at a recent ‘legends’ evening and that is exactly what he is, a Gloucester City legend.”

As for the future, Mills is unclear about the way forward for both the club and the supporters trust.

“We need to let the dust settle and take stock of the situation over the next week. At present I do not know if anyone has been lined up to take charge of the team until the end of the season. The trust also needs to evaluate its current role within the football club and seek assurances from the chairman of the club and the owners that it will remain an integral part of the football club going forward.”

In closing Mills asked fans to stick with the players to give them the best chance of keeping the club in the Skrill North.

“Boris may not be on the touchline but the lads are still his players and I know they will not give up and we should not give up on them. I’m confident that with our vocal backing in the stands and with their maximum effort we can avoid relegation back to the Southern Premier.”